In-service Teacher Training

    Professional development is the enrichment training provided to the teachers over a period of time to build their competencies in all aspects of content and pedagogy. It cannot be quoted as a simply a time bound activity or serious events but a continuous process. Conventionally teacher training is divided into pre-services and in-service activities .Presently RMSA focuses on the in-service teacher training through SPLIT MODEL, which policy makers’ vision for change or conveyed to teachers. Hence the ultimate beneficiary of IN-SERVICE TEACHER PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (ITPD) is the student through the teacher.

   Professional development to teachers is more than training/classes but beyond the class room practices. Teacher can develop his professional skills through personal reflection i.e. introspection, interactions with colleagues and mentoring with experts which could have a positive impact on teacher’s pedagogical skills and content knowledge. Keeping in view of the importance ITPD it is proposed to conduct in-service teacher trainings for subject handling teachers, teachers handling English medium classes HMs, Physical education teachers, Art/craft/music teachers and capacity building of teachers in conducting action research, providing guidance and counseling to the students. It is proposed to organize in-service training to the Headmasters and teachers of secondary schools. The following 8 types of training programmes were proposed-

  1. In-service training to the Head Masters of secondary Schools.
  2.  In-service teacher training for newly recruited/promoted teachers.
  3. In-service teacher training for teachers working in English medium schools.
  4. In-service teacher training to the entire subject handling teacher medium wise (Telugu and Urdu).
  5. In-service training to the Physical Education Teachers of Secondary Schools.
  6. In-service training to the Art/Craft/Music teachers of secondary schools.
  7. Orientation Of Secondary School Science Teachers In Conducting Science Experiments, Organization And Management of Science Laboratory
  8. Capacity Building of Secondary School Teachers in Conducting of Action Researches.

Details of proposed in-service training during 2011-12

Activity Programme Description No. of HMs/S.A.s to be trained
1 In-service Teacher training for Head Masters/Principals 5- day Residential Training to the  Head Masters on leadership skills and Academic monitoring 10531
2 In-service Teacher training for Newly recruited/Promoted 10-day Residential Training  to the Newly Recruited
and Promoted Secondary school Teachers   (in a split model i.e. 7+ 3 days)
3 In-service Teacher training of English Medium schools 5- day Training  to the  Secondary
school Teachers ( subject wise)handling
English medium classes,
4 In-service Teacher training in all school subjects 5 -day Residential Training  to the  Secondary
school Teachers ( subject wise)
5 In-service Teacher training for PET/PDs 5- day Residential Training  to the Physical Education Teachers of Secondary schools on promotion of life skills in children-training to PET/PD 10531
6 In-service Teacher training for Art/Music/Dance teachers 5- day Residential Training  to the Art/Music/Dance and Craft Teachers of Secondary schools 10129
7 In-service Teacher training for Science teachers 5 -Day Residential Training programme to the Science Teachers on conducting practicales 12936
8 Capacity Building to teachers to conduct action research 5- Day Residential Training to Secondary School
Teachers to conduct action research
9 Capacity Building for teachers on Guidance and Counselling 5- Day Residential Training  to Secondary
School Teachers on Guidance and

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